Swarm Removal



Members of Ashtabula County Beekeepers Association may be available to assist home and business owners in the relocation of honeybees.

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A swarm is a cluster of bees that is often found on a tree branch, under a roof overhang, or anywhere else they’ve decided to land temporarily. A swarm may look similar to the pictures on the right. A swarm is looking for a new home. A beekeeper can help them find it. If you see a swarm, please take a picture of it (if you can do so safely) and then call one of the ACBA members below.

A cutout is a procedure that a beekeeper does to relocate and re-home a cluster of bees that has made a home in an inconvenient location, such as inside the walls of a house or barn. The beekeeper may need to take steps to access the bees such as removing siding or drywall, or cutting into existing walls. Cutouts can be hard work, and beekeepers sometimes charge a fee for this service. Some beekeepers do not do cutouts. Please refer to the information below.

Swarm removal is NOT a service provided by the Ashtabula County Beekeepers Association and ACBA assumes no responsibility or liability for any action, damages or distress. Swarm removal service is provided by the individual beekeepers themselves who may volunteer or may charge a fee for their services.

The following Swarm Removal contact list is provided as a courtesy.

Kirk Barratt                                        216-432-8336 (Will do cleanouts)

Linda Dole                                           216-469-5694

Anne Hathy                                        440-563-6538

Jeff McCarty                                     330-553-9447

Sandra Morris                                   440-521-8219 (Orwell/Rome)

Roland Quickle                                 440-576-2855

Sharon Riccio                                     440-576-8818

William Riccio                                    440-576-1131 (Will do cleanouts)

Jerry Senger                                       440-645-6036 (Will do cleanouts)

Michael Sheets                                 440-645-9456 (Will do cleanouts)

Terry and Jennifer Sickafuse      440-983-0906 or 440-227-5641

If you are in other areas of Ohio go to: http://www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org/swarm-removal


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